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What is Mindful Method Recovery Family Coaching?

Addiction has a ripple effect that creates chaos and heartache throughout the entire family. Our goal is to tackle addiction from all angles. We have created online and in person programs for children and families to not only learn about and understand addiction but to learn better coping skills as well.

Our coaching program will guide you on a path of peace, love and compassion. Our approach is to be a loving mirror. Embody the change you want to create in your home. Statistics indicate that your loved one has an 85% higher chance at getting and maintain sobriety if their family gets their own recovery as well.  

Through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, family recovery retreats, serenity meetings, coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Parts Integration and TIME Techniques we can finally get the recovery we need. Lasting change and healing starts on the subconscious level. I use these tools in my coaching to empower your subconscious mind on the deepest level possible. 

My mission is to not only empower you on subconscious level, but to arm you with the knowledge to understand addiction, get your life back and to remember that you matter too. 

Let's come together and build a community to fight the battle of addiction together. 

Are you ready to live your life in peace?

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Change starts when
you do...

Our Why...

We are a Recovery Organization offering monthly access to Mindful Method Recovery Coaching, guided meditations, yoga through the 12 steps, serenity meetings and family recovery retreats.

As a part of your life’s journey, we are also thrilled to offer monthly workshops and live classes for you to participate in as well.
Our mission is to bridge the gap of recovery by helping families to heal alongside their loved ones. When the family heals, we can be our loved one’s best chance at recovery.
If someone you love struggles with addiction or is in recovery and you would like to join us for our weekly meetings via zoom - we would love to meet you. (Meetings Coming Soon) We also welcome you to join our private family recovery support group platform on Facebook -Family Support Group: Mindful Method Recovery .
We hope that you enjoy connecting with us on our online platform! If you are local to Greenville SC and/ or Greenwood SC please keep an eye out for our in-person yoga classes, Serenity Flow Meetings and workshops throughout our community.
We look forward to helping you to heal and grow as we journey through recovery together.

Live your life at cause, not effect.

Parents and Daughter

Mindful Method Recovery

Group Coaching

Launches 8/22/22  (12 week course)

Are you ready to get your live back, live in peace & be your loved one's best chance at recovery?

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Let’s Work Together

Christinee Nicole

Owner/ Family Recovery Coach

Tel: 864.484.5759

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