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Welcome to Mindful Method

Mindful Method Coaching

Empowering women to step into their Purpose, Power and their Truth, to be the Unstopable badass they were born to be.

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Mindful Method Recovery

Bridging the gap in recovery by helping families who are affected by the disease of addiction to heal alongside of their loved ones.

When the family gets their own recovery their loved one has an 85% greater chance getting and maintaining sobritey

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Recovery Project Foundation

Our mission is to sponsor families effected my addiction to get the recovery they need. A person's financial struggle should never be the reason they can not seek help and support.  We also have it in our heart to bring mindfullness practices to treatment centers as well as sponsoring men, women and children to participate in Mindful Method's Family Recovery Retreats. 

Join us as we come together to fight the battle of adiiction. 

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